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What is Redesign? Redesign is a less expensive and less invasive alternative to remodeling or  redecorating. Redesign is for the homeowner who is not looking to sell or move but  would like to create a better flow or just needs a fresher look and feel. Whether your  focus is the interior or the exterior, redesign can give your home the facelift that it needs. Interior Redesign can include alterations as simple as changing paint colors and  accessories, rethinking furniture layout and traffic flow to changing countertops or  plumbing fixtures. Redesign can be for one room or the entire house. • Exterior Redesign can be a facade change to highlight the architectural details of the home including paint, siding, stone, trim, detail and ornamental work. Maybe a deck,  garden or patio makeover creating that outside space for entertaining or relaxing. Redesign is about personalizing a space to reflect the lifestyle of the occupants.  Call a  Redesign Specialist from Home Staging by SPC today to help you bring your vision to  life! For renovations or improvements to your property, contact G.B. Construction.
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