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What is Home Staging?  Staging a home enhances the finest qualities and selling features of the home thereby increasing the home’s marketability. It includes depersonalizing, not sterilizing, and is  never used to trick buyers or cover up flaws. Instead, it demonstrates the possibilities, the vision, each home presents to the viewer. This vision begins at the curb and is the reason a potential buyer gets out of the car to continue the journey. For this reason it is essential for staging to begin at the curb and maintain continuity right through the front door. No matter how analytical our society becomes there is an emotional aspect that will never  be eliminated from the purchase of a home. The first thing a new homeowner wants to do after purchasing a new home is to make it their own. This process actually begins during the first walk through as the buyer imagines themselves and their possessions in the space they are viewing. Do not assume a house’s potential, that you can clearly see, is obvious to everyone. Even an investor with a trained eye can miss the possibilities a house has to offer. Whether that house is a long term investment bringing in rental income or a short term investment purchased to flip, if the investor does not immediately see its cost effective potential, he will move on to the next house.  The cost to stage a home is less than the first reduction a house goes through as it sits stagnant in a market that is already  flooded with inventory. A professionally staged home priced, listed and marketed by a licensed Real Estate Agent will sell  quicker and bring a fair market price. So call or email today and see how a Professional Stager from Home Staging by SPC can  make your home stand out from all the rest and sell quicker.
“Staging creates a story that the viewer wants to write themselves into.”                Joanne Bechhoff
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