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There is a buyer for every home.  The fact that someone owns the property and is looking for a realtor to sell it for them is evidence enough. Staging or merchandising any house for sale should highlight all of the selling features, the "benefits", of a property.  Staging is not used to hide defects or flaws.  It shows potential and presents possibilities. We all know that reducing the price to sell a home not only hurts your client, but your bottom line as well. Rather than having to reduce the price, we will work with you to stage the house so that both you and your client win. A house I recently staged sold in 8 days for a price higher than most realtors would even try to sell the house for.  Staging Benefits to you and your clients include: Less reduction of your listing prices Sell at a higher price - resulting in more commission Better pictures for MLS and the realtor's website More viewing traffic More offers Your stager broaches the sensitive topics with the homeowner and takes the presure off the realtor. Let us take your new listing from just another listing in an already flooded market to a new must see listing that will sell quicker and be the envy of other agents.  What a stager does for you: Works with you helping the homeowner understand the importance of staging a home to a broader audience. Helps listing agents get their listings to outshine and outsell the rest. Provides great pictures for your listing. Call today and let a Professional from Home Staging by SPC get your listings noticed, sell quicker and be the envy of every other agent. The curb appeal of any home today starts on the internet.  Most people are searching online for the house of their dreams before they ever get in the car or call a realtor.  So it goes without saying that the pictures of any listing today are the listing agents most powerful tool.  Enticing both buyers and other agents to come see a great new listing. Bottom line a house today needs to stand out from a market that is flooded with inventory.  If it does not it will get lost in the sea of homes and the only way to move it will be to drop the price.  Every time there is a price reduction that is money out of your pocket! Professional Realtors know how Professional Staging makes their job easier.  Sell listings quicker. Sell listings for the highest possible price. Have exceptional pictures for MLS and websites that really attract buyers. Be the realtor whose listings are a MUST SEE. A Professional Stager knows staging is much more than decluttering, cleaning or depersonalizing.  A Professional Stager understands that staging a house to sell is merchandising that house!  Marketing that house to the target market by emphasizing the desirable features being sought will bring in the highest marketable price on that house.
Sold in only 8 days!
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