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About Us Mission Statement: Home Staging by SPC will set the standard for house merchandising for the real  estate industry helping homeowners and realtors both achieve their goals. Through  redesign, Home Staging by SPC will create a fresh new look for homeowners  seeking a change without the expense of an extensive remodel. Our Holiday or  Party Staging will make any party an affair to remember. Brief Bio: Joanne Bechhoff, owner of Staging by SPC and Certified Professional Stager, is  also co-owner of G. B. Construction & Development, Inc. a custom builder and  renovator  since  1986, and a Universal Design Certified Professional, UDCP.  As  a custom builder and renovator for over 20 years, Joanne’s focus has always been on design and detail of both the interior and exterior of a home.   Utilizing the skills attained through formal education and many years of experience working with homeowners, manufacturers,  suppliers and construction crews, Joanne also set up a Custom Color Selection Process for other builders on Long Island.  This  process streamlined the system of customizing a home while controlling costs and reducing rework.  The resulting savings  benefited both the builder and the consumer while producing individualized custom homes.  Joanne then took this process one step further by forming Staging by SPC to extend the customization process to existing homes  without the invasive and sometimes costly approach of remodeling.  This customization process includes home redesign and  staging homes for sale, for holidays or events. Joanne’s assistant, Frankie is paws down the undisputed expert on the proper prepping of a pampered pooches pad!  She also  serves as the fastidious eye for who’s who in the fabulous world of the furry friend and confidant.  With impeccable taste and an  unwavering sense of adventure she is the go to pug! For those who are true furry companion enthusiasts, trust Frankie and Joanne to create a space that will be the envy of all furry  circles. It is not easy playing the roll of the companion, confidant and the absolute best and most loyal friend. A place to unwind,  relax and decompress is essential for every pampered pooch.
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